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Happy B'day Kurt Cobain

"Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster's terms, 'nirvana' means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that's pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock" 
Kurt Cobain

                A Brief Bio of his life and career 

Kurt Donald Cobain was born on the 20th of February to Wendy and Donald Cobain. They were a happy functional family up until his parents divorced when he was eight. Kurt became very sad and withdrawn. His parents both remaried soon later. He was swapped in between families constantly between 1975 and 1984. Kurt and Chris (Krist) met up a year later when Chris moved to Aberdeen. Later on Kurt started taking guitar lessons but didn't receive his first guitar until his forteenth birthday. Krist graduated from high school but Kurt dropped out halfway through 1985. In 1989 Kurt's great uncle commited suicide and not long after that another one of his uncles commited suicide, it was apparent that suicide went back a long way in Kurt's family history.

Towards the end of 1988 Nirvana released the 'Love Buzz/Big Cheese' single and at the start of '89 released their first album, entitled 'Bleach'. This recorded for only $606.15 After that was released they toured around for a while and released the 'Blew' EP and the 'Sliver' single. Nirvana toured around a bit more until Kurt wrote the hit 'Smells like teen Spirit' and the signed with Geffen Records. They went on to release their second album 'Nevermind' which first debuted at #144 on the Billboards. The did a massive European tour promoting the album for a while and toured a little with Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as well as playing 'Saturday Night Live'. After that their album almost immediately went to No. #1 and suddenly they were the biggest band in the world (Maybe not quite).

Nirvana did a world tour starting at Toronto. 'Hormoaning' was released in Australia and Japan. On the 24th of February Kurt Cobain married Courtney Love on a cliff overlooking Waikiki beach, Hawaii. Nirvana continued touring but Kurt collapsed in Belfast due to stomach problems towards the end of June in '92. On the 18th of August Frances Bean Cobain was born. Nirvana played 'Lithium' at the MTV awards and won 2 awards.

'Incesticide' was released on the 15th of December '92. 'In Utero' recorded in two week early '93. 'In Utero' released in September. Nirvana began the 'In Utero' tour October '93. In November '93 Nirvana record 'MTV Unplugged'. In February '94 Nirvana started a European tour but it was ended early to a supposed 'accidental' drug overdose (Kurt was said to have popped over 60 pills, followed by Shampagne which he knew was a lethal combination). Kurt's friends and relatives started to really worry about him and pleaded him to straigten his life out and get of the heroin. They finally convinced him to check into a Rehab centre but after a few days he scaled the wall and escaped
Courtney hired a private detective and they searched everywhere for him. Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home due to a self inflicted gun shot wound when an electrivian came to install a security system in April '94.

Sure, Kurt Cobain wasn't exactly a role model but his music spoke out to the so called "Generation X" Nirvana shocked the world after the release of Nevermind with the huge hit "Smells like Teen Spirit" but nobody was a shocked as much as Kurt himself. He didn't want to be an idol to millions and he didn't handle the fame very well. He soon started abusing heroin and other drugs. He claimed he used them to numb his stomach pains more than anything else. Kurt became very moody and depressed and very soon his colleagues and friends started to get sick of him.

Kurt often refered to himself as the 'Pisces Jesus man" Kurt was in fact a pisces and showed a lot of these qualities: Sensitive, artistic, prone to addiction to drugs/alcohol, romantic, kind, gullible. These pretty much summed Kurt up. Sure it's sad he went and shot himself, but we were lucky to have him and his music for as long as we did, and we should be thankful for that.

If Kurt Cobain hadn’t committed suicide when he was 27, he’d be 46 years old today. Happy B'day.

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