Saturday, February 23, 2013

Noell Osvald Photography

 I chose an image by a very interesting European photographer by the name of Noell Osvald. 
Her photos are generally simple, yet with a degree of depth and complexity. Myself being very intrigued with everything photography related, her work especially strikes me. All of her photos are in black and white, with a very clear subject, setting, and great depth of field. The concepts are simple and interesting, yet not fully clear- giving the viewer a chance to make whatever conclusions they'd like to about the photo. It inspires me to try out new ways of photographing and editing my images. 
I chose this photo specifically because I think it's her best one. To me, this image really tells a story about a woman releasing her "inner wings". Although a person might not always show their strength, and even at times be perceived as especially weak- the inner strength and ambition to soar and prosper are just trying to get out. Specifically, the subject of the photo looks upset and emotionally dismantled, while her shadow is her strength trying to break through. Although Noell is not a well-known photographer, her photos can relate and intrigue a variety of viewers.

You can find more of her work @

by  Vika Petlakh

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